Walk-in Closets


  • Ubik

    By Poliform Ubik offers an innovative organization for tydiness, with a wide range of containers and accessories dedicated to specific functions: trays, drawers with the front in wooden finish or glass, extractable shoe rack, trousers hanger, shirts tray. For a walk-in wardrobe which boasts both functionality and style
  • Senzafine

    By Poliform The innovative walk-in closet created for orderly storage. A way to discover the exceptional variety of looks and functions within the Poliform range.
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  • Tweed Chest of Drawers

    By Poliform The walk-in closet demonstrates its flexibility even in unusual environments Tweed chest of drawers, design CR & S Poliform, available in wengè melamine and walnut c. Melamine becomes an architectural element for the environment, both a container and a screen, to separate areas for increased privacy.
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