• Alfred

    By Giorgetti

    Trolley in solid walnut canaletto wood and top in gold Calacatta, Portoro or Zebrino marble. The 4 swivel drawers have a 360° swivel mechanism: each drawer has an independent opening system obtained thanks to buffer spheres in Arnite inserted along a metal rod, placed in the outermost corner. A drawer and an extractable shelf are expected. The trolley has 4 revolving and stoppable castors, covered with grey rubber. The handles are in steel in Peltrox finish. ACCESSORIES The following accessories are available:
    • set of 4 cutting boards in beech wood and 4 glass containers;
    • knives in steel wrought in carbon, handmade by Michele Massaro & L’Antica Forgia Lenarduzzi. They are available in two sets: 4 big chef’s knives or 6 small table ones, with a knife rack panel included;
    • knife rack panel in walnut wood.
  • GK.03

    By Giorgetti

    The architectural layout of the GK.03 kitchen creates a kitchen that delineates the space through an interplay of visual surfaces, perspectives and overlays. Concealed kitchen perfectly organised behind elegant sliding doors. The glass doors are designed to create a smooth transition with the living area. The kitchen becomes one with the living room, giving life to a mutual enrichment that is both functional and emotional, and that makes it the centre of domestic and social life. In GK.03 wall fittings house attachments for shelving. Electricity is supplied without unsightly wiring so these can easily be moved according to changing needs, without sacrificing features. A system of customizable containers with a variety of components, modular solutions to organise the space practically. Solids and voids and different thicknesses of surfaces attached to the structural elements create a perfectly balanced interplay. A stylish feature of this kitchen is the handle, with two intersecting materials, aluminium and solid wood.
  • GK.02

    By Giorgetti

    A rigorous style, technological solutions, and a wide array of finishes make the GK.02 kitchen a unique creation, suitable also for open plan living. Linear and versatile, the kitchen flaunts pure geometries, characterised by sophisticated materials and skilful craftsmanship. Its distinctive look is suitable for any ambience. The clean, uncluttered doors feature a grip ledge. The details are extraordinary, transcending simple functionality to become design features. Aluminium profiles enclose the panels producing a distinctive graphic effect.
  • GK.01

    By Giorgetti

    GK.01 is an architectural project that can also be used in open spaces. Effortlessly clean lines and a streamlined fluid linearity, with contemporary style and exclusive finishes fully customisable to suit the client’s requirements: GK.01 integrates perfectly in the surroundings for a 360 degree interior design concept. Extensive modularity, linear designs and stylish quality offer seamless open plan living solutions. The quest for pure, essential design translates into smooth surfaces with handles relinquished in favour of grip ledges which accentuate the formal simplicity of the design.
  • Artex

    By Poliform A project signed by CR&S Varenna with a contemporary design and a natural aesthetics. Ample surfaces and rigorous, essential lines highlight the quality of the materials.
  • Alea

    By Poliform Primary form. A rigorous design for a new defining of the kitchen. A project by Paolo Piva featuring ’minimal’ formal characteristics: to convert every practical unit into sheer design, essential forms, maintaining the highest possible operativeness. The aesthetic concept of Alea is linked to the strong prominence which singles out every composition, every element, and which is at times an edge, others a frame or structure. The containers, the work tops, the wall or island operative parts become perfect geometrical ’solids’, surfaces which enhance the separate materials. Every Alea detail brings out the design drive of ’giving shape’ to a new concept of the kitchen.
  • My Planet

    By Poliform My Planet: this kitchen interprets the widespread desire for praticality and elegance. A sensation suggested by new components such as handles and countertops af various thicknesses, the use of light equipped panels and white and dark pine finishes. Technically evolved solutions and fundamental design components that guarantee original compositions for even the smallest of kitchens.
  • Matrix

    By Poliform A project with an aesthetic extremely essential, featured by great volumes and wide surfaces. It is targeted for a public looking for a kitchen of minimalist-contemporary style, which should be at the same time “important”, with the availability of big spaces in which the elements are valorised.
  • Twelve

    By Poliform Twelve, the research of a new essential design with minimal horizontal thicknesses and maximum wideness of the surfaces primary volumes characterized by the absence of handles interpret different stylistic values thanks to an exceptional variety of finishes and materials.
  • Kyton

    By Poliform A plan that proposes a new vision of design combining versatility and concreteness: an increasingly more personalized kitchen, an ideal world of pleasure in simplicity. Kyton, design CR&S Varenna, is a kitchen expressing an evolved and informal living solution. The freedom to live one’s personal space.
  • Phoenix

    By Poliform An exclusive model where all the kitchen units are inspired by pure and essential lines to achieve a rigorous design project.
  • Trail

    By Poliform The Trail kitchen is a new project designed by Carlo Colombo, which offers a contemporary take on of the kitchen space. The distinguishing feature of this kitchen is its integrated Trail handle, which can be positioned at the centre or the far end of the door. The different components of the model feature minimum thicknesses: from the worktops measuring 6mm to the wall panelling shelves, which are 3mm thick, and the new open cabinets with lighted back.
  • Arthena

    By Poliform Each design of the Varenna collection is part of an integrated system, which is based on combinable furniture components and features a wide range of technical accessories and equipment. Arthena is an exclusive, simple and versatile proposal: it is a kitchen which features no handles and a special processing of the edges framing the door panels. The latter is a detail that embellishes the composition, which is also enhanced thanks to the use of metal or wooden finishings and varnishings.