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  • Windsor

    By Barovier&Toso Sinuous, elegant arms which unfurl from a slender central body in a visual game of twists, and which are smartly aligned on a same plane. These are the distinctive features of the collection which is composed of three chandeliers – 10, 14 and 24-light – and a 2-light wall lamp. The lamp-holder cups are always an opaque white with a shade whose tonality is the same as the arms.  
  • Vermont

    By Barovier&Toso The crystal spheres are the dominant characteristic of a chandelier that made its first appearance in the Veneziani catalogue a decade ago. Several different sizes are available (6, 9, 12 or 18 arms), including two wall lights with 2 or 5 lights. Two colors in the range: glod and crystal, the former with gilded metal finishings that are chromed in the latter.  
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  • Valiant

    By Barovier&Toso In the style of Barovier&Toso’s “Twenties” chandeliers, Valiant is a family of four chandeliers with six, nine, twelve and eighteen lights and two wall lamps with two or five lights. The gold color, that make this chandelier so precious, comes with gilded metal finishing while in the more classic clear crystal has they are in polished chrome.  
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  • Twins

    By Barovier&Toso On the heels of the successes of the recent past, a horizontal chandelier with a vigorous yet refined appearance. The arms'crystal, which is very material, is transparent, while the halogen light bulbs – shipped with the chandelier – are enclosed in opaque white cups which diffuse and soften the light. The framework is chromed so as to render the whole even more sophisticated. Along with three chandeliers of various shapes and dimensions, (4-light squared, 8 or 12-light rectangular), also part of the family are a two-light wall lamp and a desk lamp – with traditional light bulb – whose central body recaptures the workmanship of the chandelier, thus enhancing it    
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  • Torpedo Taif

    By Barovier&Toso An out-of-the-ordinary chandelier, developed prevalently in height (up to two and a half metres), suitable for lighting reception areas or highimpact settings. With the same fusions as Taif (monochrome, pastorals and crystal pendants), it is available in three different heights and with nine, twelve or eighteen lights.  
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  • Torpedo Nevada

    By Barovier&Toso With the elegant arms of the Nevada chandelier, this family’s strongest features are its height, which can reach up to two and a half metres, and its slenderness. Suitable for large receptions or scenic curved staircases, Torpedo Nevada is available with two, three or four levels, with nine, twelve or eighteen lights respectively.  
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  • Torpedo Amsterdam

    By Barovier&Toso Three notable heights, up to two and a half metres, to light areas of considerable dimensions. Recalling the arms of Amsterdam, a highly successful chandelier with rostrato crystal and shades, guarantees an unparalleled dramatic effect. Nine, twelve or eighteen lights.  
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  • Taymyr

    By Barovier&Toso Pendants in blown glass, arms on different levels and long chrome-finish candles are the key features of this family of chandeliers; available in a 8-, 12- e 16-light option, and a wall sconce with two lights. The cylindrical bulbs enhance the elegance of the whole  
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  • Tangeri

    By Barovier&Toso Inspired by the palaces and emotions of sunset in Morocco, Tangeri is a family of three crystal chandeliers spangled with specks of gold, available with eight, twelve and sixteen lights and with lampshades in black or white textile. The crafted pastorals and spheres, also gilded, adorn the sinuous, alternating movement of the arms. Crystal clear is also available: in this case, metal finishings are polished chrome.  
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