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  • On Off

    By Giorgetti

    Table lamp with the structure in galvanized metal, painted with manual finishings. It has an adjustable spotlight with LED light and a capacitive touch switch, with an on-off function.
  • Athena

    By Barovier&Toso With its large proportions and volumes, Athena is a floor lamp constructed by superimposing three geometric shapes with three different finishes. A lampshade in blown opal glass above a stem in transparent or coloured crystal and a base in metal with velvety rubber finish. The main light is halogen, the central part is L.E.D.  
  • Gallia

    By Barovier&Toso A family of elegant lamps inspired by regular, classical lines and rendered timeless by the warm and welcoming colours: the opaline diffuser is beige, speckled with gold, while the sphere part can be of different colours. The suspension lamp is available with two or four lights, the first one also in two different heights. Floor, table and wall lights are the other variants. Glod-plated finishings.  
  • TMD

    By Santa & Cole A metal version of the highly regarded TMM lamp (with its wooden structure), this time with a circular base and extremely conservative sections, yet just as smart when it comes to adjusting the shade to the required height (using a simple rubber ring) and incorporating the same system where the light is switched on or off using the electric cable.
  • Floob

    By Kundalini  Uplighter in thermoformed and extruded Plexiglas with spun aluminum reflector.
    Colours Transparent/Orange/Fuchsia
    Finishing Gloss
    Dimensions Ø 45 - L 57- H 185 cm
    Bulbs Halogen 1 x 105W E27 (E26US) clear tubular or fluo 1 x 32W E27 (E26US) or led 1 x 16W E27 (E26US)
    Feeding 220-240 / 120 V
  • Atomium

    By Kundalini  Table and floor lamp with rotational-moulded polyethylene diffuser and inner structure with six light sources fixed on steel coil springs.
    Colours White
    Finishing Gloss
    Dimensions Ø 58 - H 52 cm
    Bulbs Halogen 6 x 40W E14 (E12US) clear or fluo 6 x 12W E14 (E12US) or led 6 x 6W E14 (E12US)
    Feeding 220-240 / 120 V
  • Diana

    By Santa & Cole Produced on the basis of the table models, these Diana and Diana Mayor floor lamps preserve the slenderness and clarity characteristic of the entire collection. They are formed by a central metallic shaft, the diameter of which gets thinner as it rises, supporting a wide linen shade in a smooth cone-like shape that disperses the light of two bulbs arranged in such a way as to avoid shadows forming on the shade.
  • Dórica

    By Santa & Cole This stunning allegory of an imaginary architectural order bears a majestic, yet slender vertical shape creating an interplay of contrasts between matter and light where the sturdiness of the heavy bronze base stands in contrast with the lightweight ribbon shade. Since it is prone to damage if held half way up, in order to make it easier to carry the top incorporates a leather gripping point. An optional, wider stabilising base is also available for use in busy areas. This is a superb, radiant sculpture of light created by one of Barcelona’s most renowned late XX century designer couples.
  • Fad

    By Santa & Cole Originally conceived to light the erstwhile central headquarters of FAD – a benchmark centre in Spain – the arrangement of these floor and table lamps strike a chord as an example of truly understood industrial craftsmanship by no means folkloric or mundane. A solid cylinder oak structure, with four openings hollowed out lengthwise, leads to an almost cylinder white linen shade. The upper metal shaft can be adjusted in height and the striking cross-shaped base, exuding Miguel Milá ’s creation, is the same size as the lower circumference of the shade. Unadulterated simplicity without surrendering to pointless frills.
  • Gatcpac

    By Santa & Cole Torres Clavé, an architect who was taken from us too early in the Spanish Civil War, founded GATCPAC, a group that sought to foster rationalist architecture in Catalonia and thus sympathised with the German Bauhaus and the modern movement. Along with his colleagues Sert, Subirana and others he designed a lamp that they offered as a gift in the buildings they erected, occasionally customising one detail or another as if laying down their collective signature. This is the GATCPAC lamp that Santa & Cole are re-editing according to Torres Clavé’s plans, thought to be the first and the original lamp of the many variations the group produced. It has a metal base and a tall shaft with a broad cross-section like an unsheathed column. At the top, a joint that can be adjusted by hand grips a dome-shaped shade that can be directed upwards (for indirect light) or to one side or the other (for direct light). This feature transforms it into a household light – a machine à illuminer – with a strict purpose, far from Greek or Roman historicist evocations. A flawlessly modern piece. The GATCPAC lamp is part of the Design Classics collection, a series of objects created at different times of modernism with the twofold aim of strengthening historical memory – which is sometimes endangered – and putting forward critical discussion on creation in industrial design beyond mere trends.
  • Pie De Salon

    By Santa & Cole Jaume Sans’ public facet portrays him as a surrealist sculptor and painter, and a member of the ADLAN group, the supporters of which included such prominent figures as Dalí, Miró and Calder, all acquaintances of the GATCPAC architects with whom they shared their social venue in Passeig de Gràcia in pre-Spanish Civil War Barcelona. In his private life, Jaume Sans was the father of many children who became big names in the field of Catalan design (such as Pete Sans) and, on occasions, he also created several pieces for family use, such as his Pie de Salón. With a minimalist structure, the central shaft – covered in leather to lend it an improved feel – can be adjusted in height from the top and opens out onto a simple tripod base, allowing the cable to easily pass through. Shades in a range of colours and finishes can be used to give an impression of uncommon, warm, uncomplicated timelessness.
  • Aj Royal

    By Santa & Cole In 1956, when Arne Jacobsen was commissioned by Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) to erect a multi-purpose tower in the centre of Copenhagen (an airline terminal, a travel agency and a hotel), from the outset he conceived a Gesamtkunstwerk, an all-embracing art form for which he designed not only the remarkable building but every detail inside, including furniture (such as the Swan chair and the renowned Egg armchair), upholstery, tableware, door handles, and so on. He also designed this elegant lamp that was used both in the lobby and the lounges, and indeed in every room of what would later be the SAS Royal Hotel. On the floor the cast base mirrors the elliptical shape of the white lightweight linen shade, gripping onto the stainless steel shaft. A chain hangs from the bottom of the shade to allow the two bulbs, one facing downwards and the other upwards, to be switched on in any combination (one, the other, both together or neither). This perfectly conveys the train of thought of its creator: “efficiency plus functionality equals style”. The AJ Royal lamp is currently part of our Design Classics collection.
  • Trípode G5

    By Santa & Cole A bundle of three black tubes, joined like a set of chopsticks, holds up a generous ribbon shade. Trípode is a series conceived to lend plain rooms a warmer touch through the use of colour. The cotton shades revive long lost handicrafts and generate vivid hues of light. When on, the lamp provides a generous, warm light, and when off, it stands like a large sculpture, lending rooms a touch of class. The Trípode series comprises a floor lamp and a table version in two sizes: Trípode M3 and Trípode G6.
  • TMM

    By Santa & Cole his is perhaps the most highly acclaimed pieces from one of Spain’s leading pioneering masters of industrial design. Miguel Milá managed to brilliantly separate the three vital components of any lamp: the structure, the electrical components and the shade, in an exquisite demonstration of earnest serenity and functional efficiency, allowing the user to put them together with tremendous ease and enabling better maintenance throughout its extensive service life. It becomes ever more glorious in time. A cross-shaped base supports a square wooden shaft that becomes a circle in the middle. The shade can be moved up or down it, held at the required height by a simple rubber ring. A genuine lesson in intelligence and good taste making minimal use of components. This was Miguel Milá’s first product that Santa & Cole re-released in 1986, 25 years after it initially saw the light of day. Today it is offered in a range of five different woods for the structure and two colours of shade: white or beige.
  • La La Lamp

    By Kundalini  Floor lamp made of two conic fabric shades, coated inside with opaline plastic material.
    Colours White/Red
    Finishing Fabric
    Dimensions La La Lamp L Ø 70 - H 180 cm La La Lamp S Ø 46 - H 134 cm
    Bulbs La La Lamp L Fluo 2 x 25W E27 (E26US) or led 2 x 16W E27 (E26US) La La Lamp S Fluo 2 x 21W E27 (E26US) or led 2 x 16W E27 (E26US)
    Feeding 220-240 / 120 V
  • Miracle

    By  Luminara  Floor and table lamp with solid oak wood structure varnished in ebony. Base in chromium plated brass and lampshade in black pony leather.