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  • Rex

    By Barovier&Toso Large ceiling lamps with hanging lamps and wall sconces to match, all using typical Barovier&Toso materials. Metal parts in polished brass.  
  • Palace

    By Barovier&Toso Large ceiling lamps with hanging lamps and wall sconces to match, composed of entirely handmade “leaf” elements with the “Rugiada” technique. Visible metal parts in polished brass. Rugiada is a Registered Trademark all over the world.
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  • Palmette

    By Barovier&Toso A series of striking lighting units based on sectional elements that can be assembled to make anything from simple domestic wall sconce to large hanging lamps for most distinguished spaces. It comes in clear crystal and glilded metal parts only..  
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  • Spade

    By Barovier&Toso A wall sconce and a range of ceiling fixtures featuring the traditional Barovier&Toso “leaf” element. The technique used to make the glass is also traditional, with bubbles inside. The visible metal parts are in polished chrome.  
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  • Grand Hotel

    By Barovier&Toso One of the most celebrated of our classiccollections, its elegant design and the color range enabling attractive and impressive decorative effects. Visible metal parts in polished brass.  
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  • Excelsior

    By Barovier&Toso A series of classic ceiling lamps, with wall sconces and hanging lamps to match; extreme elegance and an attractive, distinctive range of finishes. Visible metal parts in polished brass  
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  • Lara

    By Barovier&Toso The “rigà menà” technique is used for this elegant hanging lamp, whose graceful lines evoke times past; over-size shade supplied in either black or white. Chrome metal details and clear plastic wiring.  
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  • Liuk

    By Barovier&Toso Energy-saving lighting is the Force of this ceiling light, which is suitable for bright installations of great scenic effect. The crystal elements which distinguish it are made using a production technique which is patented by Barovier&Toso: a pulverised silver-leaf core reflects the light of the L.E.D.s, which are enclosed in the elegant chromed ovals, and transmits it up to the tip via a principle which is similar to optical fibre (Patent nr 0001401565 issued on 22/07/2010). The chromed fixture which supports the elements houses low-voltage halogen light bulbs for a lighting effect of great impact. There are three different shapes offered, for a total of six models which are also combinable among themselves. L.E.Ds and bulbs are always included. Liuk is a registered design (Nr. DM/080937 issued on 18/04/2013).
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  • Manhattan

    By Barovier&Toso Dark, chrome-plated steel cornices are suspended in space, providing frames where bubbles of multicolored blown glass float in the air. Manhattan also comes in completely white glass, with three different compositions (one, three or four steel cables), and in two heights. Low energy consumption halogen spotlights are built into the chrome-plated slab, and are always included.  
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