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  • Degas

    By Barovier&Toso This slender chandelier takes its name from one of the most famous Impressionists, and has a place in the archives of Barovier&Toso. There are four versions, with 6, 9, 12 or 18 lights, as well as a wall sconce with two lights – all available in gold (with gold metal finishing) or crystal (polished chrome finishing).      
  • Colimaçon

    By Barovier&Toso A constantly changing chandelier, which once again revolutionises the concept of the genre: the elegant arms, available in three metallic finishes (polished chrome, black chrome and gold) and which can be arranged in multiple combinations, rotating around the centre and allowing the creation of a different chandelier every time. It is available in nine models – but with infinite possible arrangements – from four to twelve lights, and in five colour combinations for the diffusers.  
  • California

    By Barovier&Toso Soft curves, crystal hourglasses and textile lampshades feature in this chandelier that has given rise to a highly successful tradition. The gold with which the arms are sprinkled renders it brilliant but never vulgar. There are two wall lights (with 2 or 5 arms) and four chandeliers available, with 6, 9, 12 or 18 lights – the latter on two levels. With the crystal color metal finishings are in polished chrome, gilded with gold color.      
  • Bissa Boba

    By Barovier&Toso Revisited in 1992 by Angelo Barovier, this Venetian chandelier is now available as 8-, 12-, 16- or 20-light and a wall 3-light lamp. Polished chrome fittings.  
  • Baikal

    By Barovier&Toso Following in the footsteps of Taif, a design icon, Baikal revisits some of its distinctive elements (the crystal pendants, the twisted pastorals and the long lamp holders), on a more tapered body. When in gold color, the lamp holders and the internal fixture are gilded and the gold crumbled into the glass enriches the effect. With all other colors, the metals are chromed. Chandeliers are available with 6, 9, 12 or 18 arms, plus a wall sconce with 2 lights.  
  • Babylon

    By Barovier&Toso A collection of chandeliers with lampshade, of four models, whose distinctive sign is the reduced height (45 cm for the smallest model up to a maximum of 80 cm), particularly suitable to illuminate rooms whose height would not allow the use of a “normal” chandelier. The lampshade is pleated and completely in fabric, that is without internal lining in PVC. A 2-light wall sconce complete the collection.      
  • Amsterdam

    By Barovier&Toso A family of chandeliers in soft colors, where chunky crystal cylinders reflect and refract the light to dramatic effect. Metal details are chromed (or gilded in the gold color) and shades are supplied in six colors. Available with 2, 5, 8, 10, 14, 18, 24 lights.  
  • Agadir

    By Barovier&Toso Agadir is a collection of four chandeliers and a wall lamp, these derive from the existing Barovier&Toso archives, but have been endowed with new elegant and sophisticated colors. Flowers, leaves and spiral work from the distinctive features which are accompanied by the pendant details hanging from a traditional decorated ring. Two models come in a reduced length (with eight or twelve lamps) while the models with sixteen or eighteen lamps are more suitable for high ceilings. The wall lamp has two lights and the metal parts are in galvanized gold (for the gold-colored details) or polished chrome.    
  • 4607

    By Barovier&Toso
  • 4604

    By Barovier&Toso
  • Manhattan Remix (Single)

    By Barovier&Toso A cascade of glass with a Seventies flavour designed by Alessandro Piva in 2009, particularly popular with architects and interior designers, is now transformed into a chandelier suitable for accompanying installations of the original model or in its own right. Nine models, two heights, seven, nine or twelve lights. The lampshades are in textile. Item no.: 7189/UV/NN, Suspension lamp Available colors: bluastro/liquid green/ violet/caramel; caramel/liquid green; violet/liquid green: Shades: white, black Dimensions: HxØ = 49x27 in Weight: 7 kg; 16 lb
  • Caladium

    By Barovier&Toso  A classically-inspired and shaped suspension lamp, enriched with impressive leaves from a glistening golden stem, lit by an LED in the base (patented technology by Barovier&Toso). A great crystal end-decoration with “sunken” gold increase the effect. The large metallic bowl is black and holds 3, 5 or 8 energy-saving spotlights. Available in three heights and two different diameters  
  • Gallia

    By Barovier&Toso A family of elegant lamps inspired by regular, classical lines and rendered timeless by the warm and welcoming colours: the opaline diffuser is beige, speckled with gold, while the sphere part can be of different colours. The suspension lamp is available with two or four lights, the first one also in two different heights. Floor, table and wall lights are the other variants. Glod-plated finishings.  
  • Optical

    By Barovier&Toso A series of chandelier/ceiling lamps composed of a cascade of spheres crafted with a “bark-like” effect and hand-cut, on which the light of the halogen downlighters – up to 9, boxed into the chromed support – is reflected, creating attractive lighting effects. Three sizes are available, each in two heights, making a total of six models. Halogen spots are included.  
  • Rigati

    By Barovier&Toso One of the most famous and successful Barovier&Toso creations re-edited in several different models. Visible metal parts in polished brass.