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  • Shakti

    By Kundalini  Floor lamp with two lights for reading and ambient that can be dimmed. The light diffuser is a laser cut extruded Plexiglas tube, fixed into a satin finished or polished stainless steel base.
    Colours White /Orange/Red/Fuchsia
    Finishing Gloss + satin or polished base
    Dimensions Shakti 200 L 30 - W 25 - H 200 cm Shakti 250 L 35 - W 31 - H 250 cm
    Bulbs Shakti 200 Halogen 2 x 70W E27 (E26US) clear tubular or fluo 2 x 21W E27 (E26US) or led 2 x 16W E27 (E26US) Shakti 250 Halogen 2 x 105W E27 (E26US) clear tubular or fluo 2 x 25W E27 (E26US) or led 2 x 16W E27 (E26US)
    Feeding 220-240 / 120 V
  • Sama

    By Kundalini Floor lamp in two tone coextruded and laser cut Plexiglas, inserted in a chrome plated steel base.
    Colours Orange/Red/Fuchsia
    Finishing Gloss
    Dimensions Ø 50 - H 200 cm
    Bulbs Halogen 1 x 75W E27 (E26US) PAR30 dichroic or led 1 x 9W E27 (E26US) PAR30
    Feeding 220-240 / 120 V
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  • E.T.A

    By Kundalini  Floor lamp. Handmade light diffuser in ecological fibreglass, metallic inner structure (removable for bulbs changing), dimmer.  
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  • Tripod

    By Kundalini Floor lamp, structure in grey or white painted metal. Shade in fire resistant fabric closed by a painted perforated metaldisc.
    Colours White/Cream/Moka
    Finishing Fabric + painted metal
    Dimensions Ø 55 - H 175 cm
    Bulbs Halogen 3 x 70W E27 (E26US) clear tubular or fluo 3 x 21W E27 (E26US) or led 3 x 16W E27 (E26US)
    Feeding 220-240 / 120 V
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  • Kushi

    By Kundalini  Opal diffuser made of two layers of mouth blown glass. Metallic body available in three coating finishes: black, copper and brass.
    Colours Black/Copper/Brass
    Finishing Acid etched glass
    Dimensions Ø 56 - H 140 cm
    Bulbs Board LED 3 x 4,6W 2700 K - 1900 lm - CRI>80
    Feeding 220-240 / 120 V
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  • Kyudo

    By Kundalini Floor lamp with diffuser mounted on adjustable sliding track. Extruded aluminium body with glossy varnish coating. Low voltage Led strip.
    Colours White/Black/Red/Chrome
    Finishing Gloss powder coated or chromed
    Dimensions Ø 42 - L 43 / 148 - H 157 / 212 cm
    Bulbs LED strip 2 x 21,6W 2700 K - 4200 lm - CRI>80
    Feeding 220-240 / 120 V
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  • Pluto

    By Kundalini  Suspension lamp with out of mould mouth-blown diffuser, rotationally-formed and internally sand-blasted. This artistic craftwork makes any and each product unique. This irregularly shaped glass is assembled on chrome-plated metal fixtures. Silicon supply cable with intertwined poles.
    Colours Transparent
    Finishing Gloss
    Dimensions L 23 - H 15 - W 14 cm
    Bulbs Halogen 1 x 33W G9 clear or led 1 x 2,5W G9
    Feeding 220-240 / 120 V
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  • Floob

    By Kundalini Suspension downlighter in thermoformed and extruded Plexiglas with spun and laser cut aluminium reflector and integrated acid etched glass diffuser.
    Colours Transparent/Orange/Fuchsia
    Finishing Gloss
    Dimensions Ø 45 - H 60 cm
    Bulbs Fluo 1 x 23W E27 (E26US) PAR38 or led 1 x 14W E27 (E26US) PAR38
    Feeding 220-240 / 120 V
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  • Atomium

    By Kundalini Suspension lamp with rotational-moulded polyethylene diffuser and inner structure with six light sources fixed on steel coil springs. Self-clinching supply cable with inserted steel wire.
    Colours White
    Finishing Gloss
    Dimensions Ø 58 - H 52 cm
    Bulbs Halogen 6 x 40W E14 (E12US) clear or fluo 6 x 12W E14 (E12US) or led 6 x 6W E14 (E12US)
    Feeding 220-240 / 120 V
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