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  • Artik

    By Poliform The wardrobe Artik was conceived to be like you: its doors are elegant and the internal partitions can be projected tailored to your personality.
  • Sand

    By Poliform The aesthetics of wood in a wide range of colours, from total white to walnut c. and the palette of mat lacquered colours. Sand is made of pine melamine, with its grain and natural sensation.
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  • Surf

    By Poliform Transparency and material, an essential combination that exploits the brightness of environments. The Surf door designed by Carlo Colombo is characterised by surface detail that interprets the waves, giving it a strongly tactile feel.
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  • Ocean

    By Poliform Ocean design CR&S Poliform: The luminosity of shiny glass for a wardrobe that gives the idea of pure space. A project that exploits light, thanks to the breadth of surfaces.
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  • Ubik

    By Poliform Ubik offers an innovative organization for tydiness, with a wide range of containers and accessories dedicated to specific functions: trays, drawers with the front in wooden finish or glass, extractable shoe rack, trousers hanger, shirts tray. For a walk-in wardrobe which boasts both functionality and style
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  • Senzafine

    By Poliform The innovative walk-in closet created for orderly storage. A way to discover the exceptional variety of looks and functions within the Poliform range.
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  • Tweed Chest of Drawers

    By Poliform The walk-in closet demonstrates its flexibility even in unusual environments Tweed chest of drawers, design CR & S Poliform, available in wengè melamine and walnut c. Melamine becomes an architectural element for the environment, both a container and a screen, to separate areas for increased privacy.
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  • Howard

    By Poliform A simple, refined and timeless style has driven the essential design of this table. A self standing structure in refined wood and steel with a smoked velvet-like grey plate framed by a small setting in wood in order to provide refinement and warmth.
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  • Flute

    By Poliform A table designed by Roberto Barbieri characterized by simple and clean shapes, gifted with a great simplicity.
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