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  • Soori

    By Poliform The concept of the Soori side table was from a collection designed by the architect Soo Chan for an Hotel in Bali. The particular shape was inspired by traditional water vessels from the amazing villages of the Indonesian island.
  • Ego

    By Poliform Essentiality of shapes and elegance of materials. Ego wall mirror is an exclusive proposal that confined every element to it's form and function.  
  • Sara

    By Poliform Sara mirror, design Flaviano Capriotti, is a project that reduces shapes to their purest essential nature.
  • You

    By Poliform You, night complements collection. A formally impeccable aesthetics immersed in contemporary lifestyle.
  • Harmony

    By Poliform The design of Harmony joins chaos and order in a symbiotic relationship, full of expression and rhythm. Chaos turns the chair into a living object just by changing the point of view. Order gives shape to a solid base and a soft, sophisticated surface and comfortable in the seat. This creation is full of memory and of both technological and expressive innovation at the same time
  • Paris Seoul

    By Poliform Paris-Seoul is a sofa, coffee tables and containers collection designed by Jean-Marie Massaud. Its generous proportions represent a concrete response to tailored comfort requirements through its clean and essential but, at the same time, original lines.
  • Tribeca

    By Poliform

    An essential perfection marks the sofa and coffee table collection Tribeca, design Jean-Marie Massaud. The geometric lines of the structure are emphasized by the enveloping shapes of the seat.

  • Yard

    By Poliform Seat of round and square coffee tables, designed by Paolo Piva, with frame in chromed metal or in wood. Wooden tops. Examples of original design for living room full of personality.
  • Tridente

    By Poliform The goal of this series of coffee tables is to extol the wood with a modern shape and a traditional workmanship. This coffee table has tops and heights of different dimensions so that they can meet the different needs. The particular shape of the T structure comes from the function of insertion in the corner of a sofa. These coffee tables can live alone but can create as well a pleasant atmosphere when used together
  • Mondrian

    By Poliform A collection of coffee tables which are light and elegant. Original structuresin aluminium, available in two sizes, making it easy to combine them with more elements. These coffee tables supports thin table tops available in a wide range of embellished surfaces.
  • Flute

    By Poliform A coffe table designed by Roberto Barbieri characterized by simple and clean shapes, gifted with a great simplicity.
  • Dama

    By Poliform The seamless appearance is the key aesthetical characteristic of this coffee table available in two different finishings: canaletto walnut and cedarwood.
  • Class

    By Poliform Class, design Matteo Nunziati, is a collection of coffee tables with a style that can convey meanings and ideals related to tradition and contemporary at the same time.
  • Baba

    By Poliform This coffee table series designed by Roberto Barbieri is able to personalize any room thanks to its informal and versatile style.
  • Anna

    By Poliform Wood and hide for Anna coffee table design by Flaviano Capriotti. A proposal characterized by simplicity, suggestivity and rich of remembrances