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  • Madison

    By Poliform A wardrobe that makes essence a style. Simplicity is the essence of beauty. Madison is a very simple wardrobe, but his built-in handle emphasizes the naturalness of the wood and avoids the superfluous
  • Bangkok

    By Poliform An exclusive and stylish wardrobe designed by Operadesign. A piece of furniture always unique like you.
  • Stratus

    By Poliform Unfinished Stratus, designed by Giuseppe Bavuso, is characterized by the peculiar door working. An aesthetic moderate detail that marks the fronts of the compositions.
  • Ego

    By Poliform Lightness and transparency are the qualities that define Ego wardrobe, design Giuseppe Bavuso. A new proposal dedicated to the order characterized by maximum neutrality.
  • Ubik

    By Poliform Ubik offers an innovative organization for tydiness, with a wide range of containers and accessories dedicated to specific functions: trays, drawers with the front in wooden finish or glass, extractable shoe rack, trousers hanger, shirts tray. For a walk-in wardrobe which boasts both functionality and style
  • Yli

    By Giorgetti A series of tables with a rectangular, round or square top with the structure in solid walnut canaletto wood (fin.11). The mosaic top, with profiles in walnut canaletto wood, is crackle lacquered and is available in white or dark brown colours with matt or shiny finish. The round top has in the middle a disk in walnut canaletto wood (fin.11). The metal foot-caps and the insert of the legs are painted in a bronze colour.
  • Alma

    By Giorgetti Writing desk with the frame in solid and veneer in walnut canaletto wood (fin.11), with inserts in saddle leather, available in various colour shades, and in metal painted in a bronze colour with natural effect. The top is available in three versions: planar, with an upper section in saddle leather with an integrated LED light (light touch switch) or with two upper sections in saddle leather, of which the one on the back side has the LED light. A chest of drawers, in walnut canaletto wood with the front sides of the drawers in saddle leather, with a push to open system, or a saddle leather shelf with an optional removable drawer, are available to complete the product. Both can be added on the right or on the left of the desk. Only for the version with the right chest of drawers is possible to insert on the top a multi-socket adaptor predisposed for 1 schuko socket, 1 RJ45 socket and 1 high-speed USB socket.
  • Gea

    By Giorgetti A series of rectangular and square tables with the frame in protected stainless steel, powder painted in carob colour. The top is freely configurable, thanks to slats in different materials: Abonos oak, afrormosia and brushed grigio oriente marble. NOTE: the oak and afrormosia wood and the marble are natural materials, whose original veining, sometimes even not uniform, stand out. The imperfections of the raw material should not be considered a defect, but rather a quality of the material.
  • Aton

    By Giorgetti Low table with the structure in solid walnut canaletto wood and the top in Afyon marble. It is available also with a LED retro-illumination of the top, powered by rechargeable battery or electrically.
  • Anteo

    By Giorgetti A series of rectangular tables with the base frame in solid walnut canaletto wood or in polished solid maple. The top is available in: - marble as follows: calacatta gold, Portoro, Zebrino and Velvet Brown; - crystal glass in glacé, pearl grey, dusty grey, silk grey colours. The foot-caps are in abs painted in a bronze colour with natural effect.
  • Corium

    By Giorgetti Low and tall chest of drawers with the frame in poplar plywood, veneer and solid walnut canaletto wood (fin.11), and the metal base is painted in a bronze colour with the column covered with saddle leather. They both have recessed handles and the frontal side of the drawers is covered with saddle leather. The low one is equipped with 3 large drawers, with a synchronized opening mechanism, that can be completely extracted, the internal part divided into three spaces, and with 2 little drawers on the higher part. The top is covered with saddle leather. The tall chest of drawers is equipped with 7 drawers, with a synchronized opening mechanism, that can be completely extracted, and a flap door, with the internal part available with two different solutions: with 15 small drawers or with a bronze tempered crystal glass shelf. ACCESSORIES Low chest of drawers: saddle leather separator for large drawers. Tall chest of drawers: separator for drawers in walnut canaletto wood and saddle leather.
  • Astor

    By Giorgetti A series of fixed and sectional sofas with removable upholstery and footstool. The frame is in solid beech wood, plywood in poplar and pinewood fillets. The frame is padded with non-deformable multi-density polyurethane, covered with fibre. The feather seat cushions have an insert in non-deformable polyurethane; the back and the cushion are in feather. The matt black polished feet are in solid beech wood.
  • Dhow

    By Giorgetti A series of sectional sofas which give a wide range of possible arrangements. The structure of the base is in solid fir-wood and the back in curved poplar plywood. The padding of the seat and the seat cushion is in flexible multi- density polyurethane covered in fibre. The back cushions are in goose feathers and are available in three sizes with a special seam design. The fabric or leather upholstery is completely removable. In the case of a totally plain colour the cushions are included with the sofa, while if a different colour to the sofa is desired they are to be considered separately. The feet are in black PVC.
  • Martini

    By Giorgetti Armchair and sofas with the frame in profiled steel and flexible coldfoamed polyurethane, covered with fibre. The base is matt lacquered in dark brown and has feet that can be regulated in height. The padding is in goose feathers with inserts in flexible multi-density polyurethane, while the upholstery in fabric or leather is not removable.
  • Vittoria

    By Giorgetti Armchair and sofas with the structure of the backrest in profiled steel, the one of the seat in poplar plywood and the padding is in coldfoamed polyurethane covered with fibre. The backrest and seat cushions are in goose feathers, the last ones with inserts in expanded polyurethane. The upholstery, completely removable in fabric or leather, can be in one colour or two colours with the external part in leather and the internal one in fabric or leather. One cushion in goose feathers for the armchair and two for the sofas are recommended. ACCESSORY Cushion in feather cm 52 x 52, fabric or leather upholstery, completely removable. -Stool with the structure in solid pine wood and the padding in flexible multi-density polyurethane, covered with fibre. The seat cushion is in goose feathers and the upholstery, completely removable, is fabric or leather.