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  • New Entry

    By Poliform I like the unlimited versatility. Try it at different angles, with sloping ceilings and in other unusual situations: New Entry will surprise you with its flexibility
  • Graffiti

    By Poliform A place for ordering. Graffiti wardrobe designed by Carlo Colombo can be in any room of the house , stressing its role of universal container. The versatility of the Senzafine system allows it to be placed in every room, offering the greatest space in any situation
  • Club

    By Poliform I like wardrobe that I can put anywhere. From the landing to the dressing room, from the kitchen to the studio. Club is a perfect example of the Poliform idea of contemporary wardrobe
  • Madison

    By Poliform A wardrobe that makes essence a style. Simplicity is the essence of beauty. Madison is a very simple wardrobe, but his built-in handle emphasizes the naturalness of the wood and avoids the superfluous
  • Skin

    By Poliform Skin, design CR&S Poliform, is a wardrobe characterized by the peculiar door working. The versatility of the Senzafine system allows it to be placed in every room, offering the greatest space in any situation
  • Sand

    By Poliform The aesthetics of wood in a wide range of colours, from total white to walnut c. and the palette of mat lacquered colours. Sand is made of pine melamine, with its grain and natural sensation.
  • Ocean

    By Poliform Ocean design CR&S Poliform: The luminosity of shiny glass for a wardrobe that gives the idea of pure space. A project that exploits light, thanks to the breadth of surfaces.
  • Ubik

    By Poliform Ubik offers an innovative organization for tydiness, with a wide range of containers and accessories dedicated to specific functions: trays, drawers with the front in wooden finish or glass, extractable shoe rack, trousers hanger, shirts tray. For a walk-in wardrobe which boasts both functionality and style
  • Yli

    By Giorgetti A series of tables with a rectangular, round or square top with the structure in solid walnut canaletto wood (fin.11). The mosaic top, with profiles in walnut canaletto wood, is crackle lacquered and is available in white or dark brown colours with matt or shiny finish. The round top has in the middle a disk in walnut canaletto wood (fin.11). The metal foot-caps and the insert of the legs are painted in a bronze colour.
  • Flute

    By Poliform A table designed by Roberto Barbieri characterized by simple and clean shapes, gifted with a great simplicity.
  • Trevi

    By Poliform A collection of tables characterized by ephemeral thickness designed by Roberto Barbieri
  • Studium

    By Giorgetti Writing desk with the frame in solid walnut canaletto wood (fin.11) and veneer. The top, the upper section and the front sides of the drawers are covered with saddle leather available in different colour shades. It is equipped with two drawers in the top and other two in the upper section.
  • Magica

    By Giorgetti Small table with the top in mdf covered with leather. The metal column is in metal painted in a bronze colour and the base in walnut canaletto wood (fin.11).
  • Wally

    By Giorgetti A series of 107 cm deep armchairs and fixed and sectional sofas, with the base frame in matt black painted metal and with stool. The back and the arms frame is in ultralight planked wood, padded with fibre. The multi-density polyurethane seat bottom is covered with fibre. The feather seat cushion has a polyurethane inset; the back cushion and the cushions are in feather. The matt black painted metal feet have a device to raise the sofa by 4 cm. The arm profile is in solid beech wood, covered with leather. The quilted upholstery is removable and available either in fabric or leather.
  • Drive

    By Giorgetti A series of fixed and sectional sofas and armchair with the frame in profiled steel and flexible coldfoamed polyurethane, covered with fibre. The base has feet in solid walnut canaletto wood (fin.11) with inserts painted in a bronze colour with natural effect. Two cushions cm 48x29 plus two cm 62x42 are recommended for each fixed sofa, while for each sectional element one cushion cm 48x29 plus one cm 62x42 are recommended. The padding is in flexible multi-density polyurethane, covered with fibre, while the upholstery in fabric or leather, with always a leather piping available in various colour shades, is technically removable, except for the basement. ACCESSORIES Cushion in feather cm 48x29, fabric or leather removable upholstery. Cushion in feather cm 62x42, fabric or leather removable upholstery.
  • Airport

    By Poliform Soft look and extraordinary wideness: a proposal by Paola Navone, with two different versions for the back. An informal way to interpret geometric lines, an over lock sewing characterizes the cover.