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  • Singular

    By Santa & Cole A lightweight white linen shade, with no visible structure, is affixed to the wall to prevent the light source from being directly in view from the side. Chrome-plated structure. White linen lampshade.
  • TMM

    By Santa & Cole The TMM collection of short and long wall lamps comprises a simple beech channel into which the white or beige parchment shade is partially inserted. The short wall lamp can also come with the exterior cable, which doubles up as the light switch, or have a direct connection to the wall. Beech wood structure. Lampshade in white (optional upper diffuser in white translucent engineering plastic) or beige parchment. Available in two versions: TMM corto (with plug: the light is switched on/off by pulling lightly on the cable or by direct connection to the wall) and TMM largo. Electric cable length With plug: 4 m / 157.4"
  • Drop

    By Kundalini Wall and ceiling lamp with triplex opal glass diffuser, mouth blown and acid etched, fixed on a coated spun base.
    Colours White
    Finishing Acid etched glass
    Dimensions L 14 - W 23 - H 11 cm
    Bulbs Halogen 1 x 48W G9 clear or led 1 x 2,5W G9
    Feeding 220-240 / 120 V
  • Alone

    By Kundalini Wall and ceiling lamp with thermoformed diffuser in satin opal Plexiglas, fixed on two laser-cut and coated metal plates.
    Colours White
    Finishing Satin opal
    Dimensions L 42 - W 9 - H 42 cm
    Bulbs Fluo 1 x 40W T5c
    Feeding 220-240 / 120 V
  • Atomium

    By Kundalini Wall and ceiling lamp with rotational-moulded polyethylene diffuser and inner structure with three light sources fixed on steel coil springs assembled on a laser-shaped coated base.
    Colours White
    Finishing Gloss
    Dimensions L 64 - W 30 - H 52 cm
    Bulbs Halogen 3 x 40W E14 (E12US) clear or fluo 3 x 12W E14 (E12US) or led 3 x 6W E14 (E12US)
    Feeding 220-240 / 120 V
  • Gio Applique

    By Luminara Table lamp with base nad arms in polished nickel brass. Diffusers in white acid-etched glass.
  • Flap

    By Kundalini Adjustable wall lamp indirect light, structure in white painted metal. White or grey metal reflector.
    Colours White/ Grey
    Finishing Gloss powder coated
    Dimensions Flap L L 80 - W 6/10 - H 25 cm Flap S L 37 - W 6/10 - H 25 cm
    Bulbs Flap L Fluo 1 x 80W 2G11 Flap S Fluo 1 x 30W E27 (E26US) or led 1 x 16W E27 (E26US)
    Feeding 220-240 / 120 V
  • Pastilla

    By Kundalini Wall lamp, structure in white painted metal. Diffuser in pressed acid etched glass.
    Colours White
    Finishing Acid etched glass + painted metal
    Dimensions Ø 8 - W 11,5 - H 35,5 cm
    Bulbs Halogen 2 x 60W E14 (E12US) clear or fluo 2 x 12W E14 (E12US) or led 2 x 6W E14 (E12US)
    Feeding 220-240 / 120 V
  • New Flu

    By Barovier&Toso New colorways and metal finish options for one of Barovier&Toso’s most successful fixtures. Speckle-effect color for the glass elements. Satinized nickel for the metal parts. Clear plastic wiring.  
  • New Rinascimento

    By Barovier&Toso A line of versatile eye-catching lamps that are also standalone interior design features. The glass shade, available in two sizes, is engraved and sanded. The crystal “finale” detail typifies the entire collection. Metal parts in polished chrome.  
  • Silverback

    By Louis Poulsen The fixture emits diffused light. The opal curved diffuser provides a soft and comfortable spatial lighting, and the metallised rear half of the product produces a decorative halo-like illumination on the ceiling or wall surface. The metallised surface also creates a mirror effect, reflecting the texture, colour or material of the installation surface.
    Finish: White opal and alu-metallised.
    Material: Ø295: Rear housing: Die cast aluminium powder coated white. Shade: Opalescent PMMA and semi-metallised PC. Ø440: Rear housing: Die-stamped steel sheet, powder coated, white. Diffuser: Opalescent PMMA and semi-metallised PC.
    Mounting: Terminal strip: 1x5x2.5mm2. Cable access: 2 rear, Ø19mm. Looping: Approved, max. 5x1.5mm2.
    Weight: Min: 1.4 kg Max: 3.8 kg
    Class: Protection class IP20, Insulation class I
  • AJ Eklipta

    By Louis Poulsen The fixture emits soft comfortable light. The glass is designed to provide a uniformly lit surface. The three-layer mouth-blown opal glass shade has a transparent edge, providing a decorative halo of light around the fixture.
    Finish: White, powder coated. White opal glass.
    Material: Ceiling/Wall box: Die cast aluminium or spun aluminium. Diffuser: Mouth-blown white opal glass.
    Mounting: Terminal block: Ø 220/Ø 350: 3x2,5mm², Ø 450: 5x2,5mm². Looping: Approved, Ø 220/Ø 350mm: Max. 3x1,5mm², Ø 450: Max. 5x1,5mm². Ballast positioning: In ceiling/wall box.
    Weight: Min: 0.5 kg Max: 6.2 kg
    Class: Ingress protection. LED ceiling/wall: IP20. Ø220: IP20. E27 Ø350/450 Ceiling: IP20. E27 Ø350/450 Wall: IP44. Electric shock protection I w. ground.
  • F+P Wall

    By Louis Poulsen The fixture emits a symmetrical downlight. The opal cone ensures an even and diffuse light, free from obtrusive glare. The light emitted through the cone helps reducing the contrasts. The polished edges of the cylinder glow and hence clarify the shape of the fixture.
    Finish: White with textured surface, aluminium coloured with textured surface or graphite with textured surface, powder coated.
    Material: Die cast aluminium, Enclosure: Extruded clear acrylic with polished edges.
    Mounting: Connector: 3x2,5mm2. Cable entry: 1x rear entry for max Ø 10-14,5mm cable.
    Weight: Min: 1.2 kg Max: 1.3 kg
    Class: Ingress protection IP44 (LED unit: IP65). Electric shock protection I w/o ground.
  • Oslo Round

    By Louis Poulsen The fixture emits indirect symmetrical light. The shape of the shades results in lateral light distribution, creating a comfortable mood and a soft, decorative luminance-balancing effect.
    Finish: White, wet painted.
    Material: Shade: Spun aluminium. Diffuser: Sandblasted glass. Acrylic satiné shade for LED, aluminium heatsink, Ceiling box: Spun steel. Bolts: Die-cast aluminium.
    Mounting: Terminal strip: LED-D and LED-DA 1x5x2.5mm², Cable access: 2 at rear, Ø 20mm. Looping: Approved, max. 5x1.5 mm².
    Weight: Min: 3.4 kg Max: 3.5 kg
    Class: Ingress protection IP20. Electric shock protection I w. ground.
  • Oslo Uplight

    By Louis Poulsen The fixture provides primarily upward directed illumination. The geometry of the shades also ensures light being emitted sideways between which creates a visually comfortable ambiance and control of luminans. The opening at the base emits downward directed light, helping to emphasize the design of the fixture.
    Finish: White, wet painted.
    Material: Shades: Spun aluminium. Diffuser: Frosted, vacuum formed acrylic. Back plate: Punched steel.
    Mounting: Terminal block: 1x5x2,5mm². Cable entries: 2x rear entries, Ø 20mm. Looping: Approved, max. 5x1,5mm².
    Weight: Min: 2.7 kg Max: 2.9 kg
    Class: Ingress protection IP20. Electric shock protection I w. ground.