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  • Shape 1

    By Contardi Sinous and elegant with sharp profiles to put an accent to the design: when an object may turn into a light. Fabric vases to decorate any ambience and play with lights and shades. Three shapes that may become endless for projects, for colours and design.
  • Divina Fl Medium

    By Contardi  The pleated fabric shade and the simple lines of its design make of Divina a real classic. Available as a full range, Contardi succeeds to put its own signature in such a timelss product, suitable for a large array of contexts.
  • Athena Xl

    By Contardi  In the Greek mithology, Athena is the God of knowlodge, military strategies and webbing. It is this last skill that inspired the designer when gave shape to the Athena: rectangular and oval shapes that blend together, matheric fabrics for the couturier touch and the black nickel finish to confirm the sense of equilibrium. Athena stands as a true «passepartout».
  • Cloche Fl New

    By Contardi The Pagoda shape reminds Asian atmospheres. The simplicity of the body marks the contrast, just as the trims do on the shade. Eclectic and timeless, it do represent Contardi’s style and mood.