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  • Sara

    By Barovier&Toso
    Soft shades and slender lines for this table lamp that is enhanced by the addition of a gilt leaf detail. Polished chrome base and metal parts; clear plastic wiring.
  • Rive Gauche

    By Barovier&Toso A table lamp that recalls the 1950s, characterised by the galvanised gold base and the golden sphere immersed in the crystal. The lampshade can have a golden interior.  
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  • Amsterdam

    By Barovier&Toso A table lamp that is characterised by the crystal rostral, like the homonymous chandelier of which it is natural complement.  
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  • Eva

    By Barovier&Toso The great “hanging” ogives identify this collection made up of table, floor and hanging lamps. Black chrome for visible metal parts.  
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  • Hekla

    By Barovier&Toso An unrolled rostral, that like lava of a volcano streams on its slopes, decorates the body of theis table lamp. Shades can be black or white and black chrome finishings.  
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  • Marta

    By Barovier&Toso Spheres featuring a bark-effect texture are the highlight of this family of lamps that includes table and floor options. Supplied with black or white shade. Polished chrome stem is inviting to the touch; clear plastic wiring.  
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  • Saint Germain

    By Barovier&Toso The characteristic of this collection, designed by Giorgia Brusemini, is an innovative chandelier with two lights placed on the same plane, to which are matched other three models, a sconce and a table lamp. Distinctive element is the golden sphere immersed in crystal. The lampshades are black or white. The latter can have a golden inside.  
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  • Rotterdam

    By Barovier&Toso Ogival stem, chunky crystal cylinders, six colors shades: a huge family of chandeliers with 2, 5, 8, 10, 14, 18, 24 lights and chrome metal details.  
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  • Domo Rotterdam

    By Barovier&Toso This elegant articulation of the classic chandelier brings to mind two Barovier&Toso lamps: Rotterdam and Amsterdam. The characteristic element is the rostrum with its typical, pointed elements. This comes in three versions with eight, twelve or sixteen lights and black, white or brown lampshades. The metallic parts are chrome-plated and the electric components are transparent. Their height can be adjusted. This also comes in a sconce version with one or two candelabra.  
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